A Flashing into Existence…

I had this feeling recently that brought a very comforting, peaceful state of mind. I had this vision of myself and these flashes of past experiences would come up. I thought about Lois and I thought about Jackie. Then I thought about my friends and my mother.

I saw them and felt acutely the sensation that they didn’t exist, but only for a moment.

Like I’d be looking out at the world through these eyes of mine and Id see a flash of Lois, a memory of Lois and I, or maybe Jackie, or someone I’d met at a party, and then just as soon as they came they were gone again and another image appeared. Like phantoms or mirages, these people didn’t exist. They were just sights to see as the train moves steadily forward.

When I felt this, a calming presence came over me, because all of these things and people were just these flowing forms in the river, and one form never stayed longer than another, but continually flowed anew. Even the forms themselves were changing. And then I thought, if these people are not real, then neither am I.

I too, am a phantom of life, a flash of light in the long streaming river of life. Taking this sense farther, I tried to imagine this picture as I would see it from someone else’s perspective, seeing myself as just a flashing into existence and then disappearing, and on and on and on.

Finally I saw the world from this light, as just a flashing into existence. Just as it is now: unfathomable, infinite, constantly changing yet always the same. And I was a part of it.

Mmm, fine thoughts Tim… fine thoughts indeed….


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